C@N eMotion

Facial Expression and Emotion Recognition Software

C@N eMotion
C@N eMotion
I see you, I know who you are, what you want, and you cannot fool me!
C@N eMotion is a software module that allows the recognition of human facial expressions

C@N eMotion collects information about the expressions of the human face in real time, without the need for a large database of photos/images. In a fraction of a second, it detects changes in facial expression and emotion. It does not record the person or persons on the system, so it provides complete privacy, identity protection and private data security. Thanks to this approach, there are great opportunities to apply this solution in all industries. The business opportunity lies in the ability to get feedback of the reaction by the user to the original content – enabling extensive adaptation where necessary.

Some of the Features are
  • Customization of the content to the user based on recognized emotion. If the user is sad and frustrated, content will be displayed that will cheer him/her up, and if the user is confused, help will be offered etc.
  • Evaluation and ranking of the content based on customer reaction - if a particular type of content delights the user and results in a positive reaction, then that direction can be followed. If a particular content causes a negative reaction, such content may need to be improved.
  • Adjustment of the content offered to each user enables feedback through human emotions regarding the user’s true response to the content. Content can be displayed through multimedia interactive equipment
  • Applicable in security surveillance - based on user emotion (eg. fear or anger), gender and age recognition of a person (eg. a man in his thirties) and a combination with a measured pulse (eg. accelerated), a group of people are tracked through a photo application adding a flag over the heads of those who pose a security risk
International Innovation Awards: 6