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Purchase and completion of business premises

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The final recipient of the financial instrument co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program „Competitiveness and Cohesion“

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Purchase and completion of business premises

ESIF Loans for growth and development are long-term investment loans for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who have been in business for more than two years and who plan investments in the manufacturing industry, tourism, creative industry and knowledge-based services.
ESIF Growth and Expansion Loans are financed 50 percent out of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) at 0 percent interest rate, and 50 percent out of the commercial banks’ sources at market interest rates that will be determined by commercial banks. Such manner of financing means that the final interest rate for entrepreneurs will be significantly lower than the interest rate that would be charged if no ESIF funds were utilised.
Loans are approved with a 12-year repayment period and the final borrowers are relieved of the obligation to pay any fees that are otherwise charged for the processing of loan applications, the entering into loan contracts and the regular disbursing of loans.
Eligible final borrowers of ESIF Growth and Expansion Loans are small and medium-sized entrepreneurs that have been operating for at least two years before submitting a loan application to a commercial bank.
Purpose for which the funds can be approved are investments in tangible and intangible assets as well as the transfer of ownership rights, whereas up to 30 percent of loan amount can be earmarked for the financing of working capital related to the respective investment. Loans can be approved for new investments only, and refinancing of existing loans is not allowed.
Loans are approved with a 12-year repayment period (up to a 2-year grace period included), and in the tourism industry up to 17 years (up to a 4-year grace period included).

Project beneficiary: CITUS d.o.o.
Total amount of the project: EUR 439.719,08
Provided 50%:50% by:
– HBOR: 1.655.473,38 HRK (219.719,08 EUR; 1 EUR = 7,5345 HRK)
– Zagrebačka banka: 220.000,00 EUR
Project title: Purchase and completion of business premises
Support duration: 20.06.2022. – 30.09.2033.
Contact: CITUS d.o.o. | | phone +385 1 3667 120
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