Quality Policy


SIQ certificate
IQNet certificate
The management of CITUS d.o.o. opts for the following quality policy:

Focus on customer needs and customer satisfaction with the performed work are the most important values against which CITUS measures and determines its overall performance.

We will strive to create lasting relationships with customers based on meeting and exceeding their needs by seeking optimal and complete solutions.

We will create relationships of trust with customers based on unconditional respect for the confidentiality of their information. We will strive for modern and innovative solutions relying on new techniques and technologies and using the highest standards of the profession in the execution and documentation of projects.

We will employ professional and ambitious staff who will have the opportunities and obligation to constantly develop, improve and acquire the most modern information and communication resources, thus creating an environment for comfortable and efficient work.

We will apply and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system based on the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 and strive to exceed the level of these requirements.

Every CITUS employee must be familiar with the quality policy, understand it and accept it as a permanent principle in their own work.

Zagreb, 15 May 2002
Tomislav Bronzin, M.Sc.