System Integration

By combining all parts of complex information systems and maintaining existing computer systems based on the Microsoft platform, we ensure uninterrupted business continuity of our clients and partners.
Microsoft 365

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  • upgrading your IT infrastructure
  • improving your business processes with Microsoft 365
  • "bringing" your work to mobile devices
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Microsoft Azure

The cloud has changed the way companies do business and employees work.

Document editing tools (Microsoft 365), CRM systems, e-mail clients, and thus partially data backup, have been moved to the cloud.

The next step is to move backups of all other company business data to the cloud. Such solution is reliable and secure, because the system recovers your data, no matter where it is, including individual files, so you can start working where you left off, before you lose the original file. At the same time, the cloud backup solution is tailored to your needs and the capacity of the solution grows with your business.

Hybrid Solutions

MEDIKOL Office365 Case Study