Gender and Age Group Recognition

Gender & Age Group Recognition
C@N PersonRecog is a gender & age group recognition software which recognises gender and age groups in humans.

The measurement and analysis are done in real time, without the need for a previous creation of a database of photographs of people. It does not record/take an image/photographs of the person in front of the system so (they are not taken anywhere) so it provides complete privacy, anonymity, identity protection and private data security of each person. Thanks to this approach, there are great possibilities for the application of this solution in all areas and industries.

Some of the features are
  • Segmentation of target groups by age, gender, and many other features
  • Collection of data in real time and interaction in real time
  • Customization according to customer’s and end users wishes and needs
  • Collects quality data for later analysis
International Innovation Awards: 10