Innovative Online and Mobile Solution for Organizing Conferences

Online and Mobile Tool for Organizing and Managing Conferences, Workshops, Training, Education and Various Events
Online and mobile tool for organizing various events

IT Conference@Net enables a fast web site creation, immediately connecting it to social networks and adapting it for display on devices with different screen sizes as well as for native mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS.

It is based on cloud computing and integration with social networks using language processors and a new paradigm of the semantic web. The customizable user interface, based on the HTML5 standard, designed for touch-driven mobile devices, allows the use of a full range of devices that contain a standard web browser, and at the same time allows the so-called off-line operation of applications, hence, allowing the realization of a flexible concept.

Conference@Net - nadzorna ploča
Conference@Net - statistika konferencije
Conference@Net - raspored predavanja
Conference@Net - Mobile Entry
The Most Imortant Features

Conference@Net solution, with its technical innovations, provides:

  • Scalability and flexibility - achieved by "Cloud Computing" and social networks. Increasing the number of users is solved by simply adding resources in the "cloud" where a specially designed innovative technological extension of social networks is located which implements the necessary functionalities through well-defined components and services.
  • Adaptive user interface - the use of the HTML5 standard enables the adaptation of the appearance and structure of the interface to the format and character of the screen, and enables a short period of user adaptation for its use by implementing multi-contact touch and content manipulation using technological innovations (select, cancel, increase, etc.)
  • Semantic Web - a methodology for tagging information using metalanguages and language processors
  • Support for working with slow or occasionally available connections - special algorithms and data transfer access strategies
Advantages of the Solution

The advantage of such an innovative solution / product is that it can be (purchased) “on consumption” – without a large investment in infrastructure or license, and that user customization is short and fast due to the intuitive user interface adapted to novice users.

That means:

  • For conference organizers - social networks will be used to promote and organize conferences. It significantly reduces costs and increases the number of potential sponsors and participants
  • For sponsors - they will connect their brand with interesting content and present it in an interesting way to participants - potential customers or partners
  • For participants - they will receive notification about interesting events/conferences, the opportunity to participate in creating content as well as actively participating in lectures, evaluating the performance, watching a live lecture or its recording, and connecting with other participants of the event / conference, etc.
International Innovation Awards: 7