online platform intended for the technical preparation of digital content

BookMedia - online platform intended for the technical preparation of digital content

The innovative multimedia platform BookMedia enables the preparation of digital (multimedia) educational content that can be linked to any existing book or other types of 2D/3D objects in the space. BookMedia is an innovative Croatian product and represents a unique solution of its kind in the world, for which our team won 10 international awards for innovation in IT.

The platform consists of two parts: the first part is an online platform intended for the technical preparation of digital content, and the second part is a mobile application (on Android and IoS platforms) for the consumption of previously prepared content. The online platform enables the traditional book reading experience to be enriched with multimedia elements, such as sound, video, images, text, 3D models, quizzes, interactive HTML modules, and links.

The end user uses the mobile application by pointing the smartphone or tablet camera toward a part of the page, i.e. a picture in a book or some other type of 2D/3D objects in space. The mobile application automatically recognizes what it is about and displays multimedia content or an interactive application on the screen.

From the aforementioned description, it follows that BookMedia is the ultimate platform for the preparation of digital educational materials that can be connected to existing books and to other forms of 2D and 3D objects in space. Thanks to the advanced application possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR), it is especially applicable to all kinds of requests and needs of users at universities.

Our development team is continuously engaged in the development of new functionalities and improvements of the existing BookMedia platform in accordance with the needs of our clients.

The platform can be applied in various industries and fields and is ideal for education, healthcare, tourism, entertainment, retail and marketing. It is intended for professors, teachers, publishers, manufacturers, traders, distributors and agencies.

International Innovation Awards: 10